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Tiago Nunes, champion of the 2018 Conmebol Sul-Americana and the 2019 Copa do Brasil, is the new coach of Botafogo and was officially presented at the Nilton Santos Stadium, this Tuesday afternoon (21). Alongside Football Director André Mazzuco, the new black and white commander held a press conference for journalists in the press room.

Coach Tiago Nunes' first words were to thank the fans and staff for their welcome upon his arrival at the club. Furthermore, Glorioso's new commander emphasized his confidence in the black and white players and in the Botafogo project.

"First of all, I want to thank you for all the affection I have received since the first moment I arrived. Whether meeting fans on the street, through social media or from the institution's employees. I also have to be grateful for the trust placed in me at this very important moment for the club and in this final stretch of the championship. We know the importance of the short-term result in the search for this title that is so important in the club's history. And we also tell our fans that, from the first moment we were contacted, we didn't think twice. We believe in this project and in the people who are here. We trust in the group of players. It's a competitive group, with character and that works hard", he said.

Nunes also valued the work done on a daily basis by the players and coaching staff, aiming for the ultimate goal of winning the Brazilian Championship.

"My focus is restricted to the next game and the next training. Trying not to look at the macro or the leaderboard at this moment, as it brings even greater pressure to this moment. The focus is tomorrow's training, then traveling to Fortaleza and have a good first half and a good second half and, finally, get the victory. Let's add up point by point to see how we get to the end. The ambition remains the same: to be Brazilian champion. Now, without losing focus of given that Botafogo has already done a great job this season. It already has to be recognized for that. The objective is the same: to be champion. We will not change the focus, but we cannot put down everything that was achieved, as it was hard work of excellence", concluded the new Botafogo commander.


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