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Botafogo sent, this Wednesday (6), a letter to the President of the STJD, José Perdiz, and the Attorney General of the STJD, Ronaldo Piacente, requesting that action be taken based on independent reports issued by a respected analysis company technology-oriented who routinely prepares referee assessments and match fixing, reports for football bodies and as an expert witness in matters before the courts. The letter is supported by a full analysis of the conduct of referees and match participants in several impactful 2023 Série A games.

Botafogo also suggested the Court's intervention to prepare proposals and adopt effective measures aimed at improving and developing arbitration and national football:

1 - Regulation of the profession of professional football referee; 2 - Institutional independence between the entity that regulates professional football arbitration and the entity organizing the respective competition; 3 - Technical-scientific monitoring of the moves and indicators of men's professional football matches, with the hiring of independent audit companies, specialized in the analysis of sports data; 4 - Creation of a ranking of referees based on errors made throughout the championship and, based on this ranking, the adoption of promotion and demotion criteria for referees; 5 - Transparency in the selection of referees for professional football matches; in addition to other measures that may be indicated. 

Botafogo reinforces that it will make every effort to investigate the facts narrated and contribute to the evolution of Brazilian football, including invoking the Common Justice, after the Sports Justice bodies have been exhausted.

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